Main title from The Man Upstairs (1958) (3)

The Man Upstairs

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| Film | | United Kingdom | 1h 28min |
Stars: Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, Donald Houston | Director: Don Chaffey

A mild-mannered lodger becomes violent, injures a policeman, and barricades himself in his room

Cast (15)

British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
The Man Upstairs
Bernard Lee
The Inspector
British actor Donald Houston wears a jacket and tie
Dorothy Alison
Mrs Barnes
Virginia Maskell
Helen Grey
Kenneth Griffith
Mr Pollen
Patricia Jessel
Mrs Lawrence
Alfred Burke
Mr Barnes
Charles Houston
Maureen Connell
Miss Blair
Amy Dalby
Miss Acres
Walter Hudd
The Superintendent
Patrick Jordan
Injured Sergeant
Graham Stewart
Sergeant Morris
Victor Brooks
Sergeant Collins
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Don Chaffey


(original story and screenplay)
(additional scenes and dialogue)

Production company

Association of Cinema Technicians (A.C.T.)

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Main title from The Man Upstairs (1958) (3)
Main title from The Man Upstairs (1958) (2).  ACT Films Limited present
Main title from The Man Upstairs (1958) (1).  A British Lion release
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