Midnight Lace

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| Film | | USA | 1h 43min |
Stars: Doris Day, Rex Harrison, John Gavin

The wife of a rich Londoner is terrorised by threatening phone calls and voices in the fog

Cast (15)

Doris Day
Kit Preston
Autographed photograph of British actor Rex Harrison from the 1948 film, Escape
Anthony ‘Tony’ Preston
John Gavin
Brian Younger
Myrna Loy
Bea Vorman
Roddy McDowall
Malcolm Stanley
Herbert Marshall
Charles Manning
Natasha Parry
Peggy Thompson
Main title from Brighton Rock (1948) (3).  Hermione Baddeley as Ida Arnold
Hermione Baddeley
Dora Hammer
John Williams
Inspector Byrnes
Richard Ney
Daniel Graham
Anthony Dawson
Roy Ash
Rhys Williams
Victor Elliot
Richard Lupino
Hayden Rorke
Dr Garver
Doris Lloyd
Nora Stanley – Housekeeper
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David Miller



Production company

Arwin Productions