Money Talks

Film | | UK | B&W | 1h 13min
Stars: Julian Rose, Kid Berg, Gladdy Sewell

An old man gambles spectacularly with his savings to prove that he is in need and thus inherit a legacy

Cast (11)

Julian Rose
Abe Pilstein
Kid Berg
Kid Burke
Gladdy Sewell
Judy Kelly
Rosie Pilstein
Gus McNaughton
Solly Sax
As Charlie Kent, a confidence trickster in the Corfield-Huth production ‘Look Before You Love’, Griffith Jones gives a wonderful display of unscrupulous crookedness with a public school accent
Jimmy Dale
Bernard Ansell
Hymie Burkowitz
Lena Maitland
Mrs Blumberg
Hal Gordon
Pug Wilson
Mary Charles
Nellie Kelly
Jimmy Godden
Joe Bell
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Norman Lee


Production company

British International Pictures (BIP)

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