Mother’s Ruin (1994)

Episode One


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| TV Episode | United Kingdom | Comedy | 30min
| Stars: Roy Barraclough, Dora Bryan, Julia Deakin
| S1 E1 | 29th May, 1994

Leslie, proprietor of ‘Nurse Nature’, yearns to flee the grip of his mother and form a new life with his long-term flame

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Mother’s Ruin (1994)
The manager of a health food store has his plans to run away with his girlfriend continually thwarted by his domineering mother.

Episode cast

Roy Barraclough
Leslie Flitcroft
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Kitty Flitcroft
Julia Deakin
Brucella Pashley
Kay Adshead
Wendy Watson
Jason Done
Clive Watson
Bernard Latham
Mr Wildman
Alan Rothwell
Piano Tuner
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John Stroud
John Stevenson