The Mysterious Mr Davis


Film | United Kingdom | B&W
| Stars: Henry Kendall, Kathleen Kelly, Richard Gofe | Director: Claude Autant-Lara

A heavily indebted family man invents a business partner

Julian Roscoe is in dire financial straits, with debts coming out of his ears and creditors on his tail. He invents a business partner and soon finds himself juggling high finance and dodging crooks.

Cast (12)

Henry Kendall
Julian Roscoe
Kathleen Kelly
Audrey Roscoe
Richard Gofe
Teddy Roscoe
Publicity photograph of British actor, Alastair Sim
Theodore F. Wilcox - the Lunatic
Morris Harvey
Cecil Goldenburg
Jeanne Stuart
Anita Goldenberg
A Bromley Davenport
Lord Avonmouth
Guy Middleton
Quinton McPherson
The Landlord
Ben Field
The Decorator
Fred Duprez
Alfred Wellesley
The Pawnbroker
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Claude Autant-Lara
Cecil Madden
Writer (scenario)
Jenaro Prieto
Writer (novel)


Oxford Films
Production company