The Navy Lark (1959–77)

The Redundancy Drive


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| Radio programme | United Kingdom | 30min
| Stars: Leslie Phillips, Jon Pertwee, Stephen Murray

Captain Povey’s keen to clear the decks of HMS Troutbridge, but Number One fights back

The Navy Lark (1959-1977) photo | Jon Pertwee, Leslie Phillips, Stephen Murray (1)
The Navy Lark (1959–77)
Radio sitcom about life aboard the British Royal Navy frigate, HMS Troutbridge, based in HMNB Portsmouth.


Photograph of British actor, Leslie Phillips (1)
The Sub-Lieutenant
Jon Pertwee
The Chief Petty Officer
Stephen Murray
The Number One
Richard Caldicot
Captain Povey
Heather Chasen
Tenniel Evans
The Admiral
Michael Bates
The Captain
Lawrie Wyman
The Captain
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