Main title from The Net (1953) (3)

The Net


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 26min |
| Stars: Phyllis Calvert, James Donald, Robert Beatty | Director: Anthony Asquith

Tension among boffins in an aviation research station leads to murder and the discovery of a spy

Suspense is airborne in a new British spy thriller!


Glamorous British film star Phyllis Calvert wears a shawl as she smokes a cigarette.  A 1940s studio publicity photo for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945).
Lydia Heathley
James Donald
Prof Michael Heathley
Robert Beatty
Maj Sam Seagram
Photograph of Czech-British actor, Herbert Lom (1)
Dr Alex Leon
A publicity shot for British actress, Muriel Pavlow.  Signed ‘Best wishes, Muriel Pavlow’
Caroline Cartier
Noel Willman
Dr Dennis Bord
Walter Fitzgerald
Sir Charles Craddock
Patric Doonan
Brian Jackson
Maurice Denham, English actor, photograph (1)
Maurice Denham
Prof Carrington
Marjorie Fielding
Mother Heathley
Caven Watson
Dr Ferguson
Herbert Lomas
George Jackson
Hal Osmond
Agent Lawson
Geoffrey Denton
Cyril Chamberlain
Inspector Carter
Marianne Stone
Tucker McGuire
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Main title from The Net (1953) (3)


Anthony Asquith
Antony Darnborough
John Pudney
Writer (novel)
William Fairchild
Writer (screenplay)

Also known as

Project M7 (USA)


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General Film Distributors (GFD)
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