The Night Has Eyes


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 19min |
| Stars: James Mason, Wilfrid Lawson, Mary Clare | Director: Leslie Arliss

A young teacher disappears on the Yorkshire moors; her friend goes in search, and comes under the influence of a strange young man and his sinister housekeeper


British actor James Mason wears a black dinner jacket and bow tie
Stephen Deremid
Wilfrid Lawson
Jim Sturrock
Mary Clare
Mrs Ranger
Two Cities Film promotional postcard featuring British actress, Joyce Howard
Marian Ives
Tucker McGuire
John Fernald
Dr Barry Randall
Dorothy Black
Miss Fenwick
Amy Dalby
Miss Miggs
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Leslie Arliss
Director / Writer (novel)
Alan Kennington
Writer (novel)


Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)
Production company