Main title from The Night We Got the Bird (1961) (4)

The Night We Got the Bird


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| Film | B&W | Comedy | 1h 23min |
| Stars: Brian Rix, Dora Bryan, Ronald Shiner | Director: Darcy Conyers

A husband is driven bonkers by a talking parrot that he believes to be the reincarnation of his predecessor


Brian Rix
Bertie Skidmore
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Julie Skidmore
Photograph from Laughing Anne (1953) (19) featuring Ronald Shiner
Cecil Gibson
Leo Franklyn
Victor Sellars
Liz Fraser
Fay Sellars
Lou (John Slater) in overcoat, tie and hat in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Wolf Mannheim
Reginald Beckwith
Chippendale Charlie
Terry Scott (PC Wells) discovers a crime in Murder Most Foul (1964)
Terry Scott
P C Lovejoy
Vincent Harding
Ben Green
Denis Shaw
Stooge to Manny
Ray Cooney
Man with cartwheel
Gerald Cross
Uncle Arthur
Vera Pearce
Grace Denbeigh-Russell
Basil Lord
Bus Conductor)
Jennifer Phipps
Mrs Jackson
Kynaston Reeves
Mr Warre-Monger
John Le Mesurier
Clerk of the Court
Gilbert Harrison
Clerk of the Court
Thomas Muschamp
RSPCA Official
Penelope Honor
Girl in Aviary
Tony Hilton
Merylin Roberts
Girl in Punt
Toby Perkins
Young man
Henry B Longhurst
Hazel Douglas
Bespectacled Lady
Frank Atkinson
Bald headed man
Beryl Ede
Wife of Bald headed man
Geoffrey Colville
Charles Cameron
Military Gentleman
Elspet Gray
Woman with dog
June Broughton
Lady in Marquee
Autographed photo of English actor, Wally Patch (1). The actor wears a bowler hat and open-necked shirt, while a cigarette droops from his mouth
Ticket collector
Roberta Tone
Little girl
Lionel Ngakane
Hubert Cross
Wynne Clark
Miss Hawkesworth
Sheila Mercier
School Mistress
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Main title from The Night We Got the Bird (1961) (4)
Main title from The Night We Got the Bird (1961) (3)
Main title from The Night We Got the Bird (1961) (2). A Rix-Conyers film
Main title from The Night We Got the Bird (1961) (1). A British Lion release


Darcy Conyers
Director / Producer / Writer
Brian Rix
Basil Thomas
Writer (play))
Ray Cooney
Writer (screenplay)
Tony Hilton
Writer (screenplay)


The Night We Got the Bird (1961) opening credits (1)
British Lion Film Corporation
Distribution company