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| Film | | UK | B&W | Crime, Thriller | 1h 36min |
Stars: Robert Newton, Phil Brown, Sally Gray

A doctor decides to kill his wife’s lover by imprisoning him in a lonely cellar while he accumulates enough acid to destroy all trace of his body

Cast (15)

Robert Newton
Dr Clive Riordan
Phil Brown
Bill Kronin
Sally Gray
Storm Riordan
Naunton Wayne, well-known British actor who plays the role of Leslie, one of the club friends of of Henry Garnet (Basil Radford) in ‘The Facts of Life’, one of the four Somerset Maugham stories comprising ‘Quartet’, Sydney Box’s new production for Gainsborough Pictures
Supt Finsbury
James Harcourt
Betty Cooper
Miss Stevens
Michael Balfour
American sailor
Ronald Adam
Roddy Hughes
Allan Jeayes
Olga Lindo
Mrs Humphries
Russell Waters
Flying Squad detective
Lyonel Watts
Sam Kydd
Club steward
Monty The Dog
Monty – Storm’s Dog
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Edward Dmytryk


Production company

Independent Sovereign Films

Pictures (1)

Storm Riordan (Sally Gray) holds a gun to Dr Clive Riordan (Robert Newton) in a scene from Independent Sovereign Films’ 1949 film, Obsession

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