The One That Got Away


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 51min |
| Stars: Hardy Krüger, Colin Gordon, Michael Goodliffe

A German flyer, Franz von Verra, is captured and sent to various British prisoner-of-war camps, from all of which he escapes


German lobby card from The Wild Geese (1978) (2)
Franz von Werra
Colin Gordon
Army Interrogator
Michael Goodliffe
RAF Interrogator
Bergerac (1981-91) opening credits (4) |Terence Alexander
Terence Alexander
RAF Intelligence Officer
Jack Gwillim
Commandant, Grizedale
Andrew Faulds
Lieutenant Singleton, Grizedale
Julian Somers
Booking Clerk
Alec McCowen
Duty Officer, Hucknall
Harry Lockart
German Prisoner
Robert Crewdson
German Prisoner
George Mikell
German Prisoner
George Roubicek
German Prisoner
John Van Eyssen
German Prisoner
Frederick Jaeger
German Prisoner
Richard Marner
German Prisoner
Paul Hansard
German Prisoner
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True-life biopic, developed in a number of suspense and action sequences, all very well done. (Halliwell’s)


Julian Wintle
James Leasor
Kendal Burt
Writer (book)
Howard Clewes
Writer (screenplay)


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