Main title from Operation Bullshine (1959) (2)

Operation Bullshine


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| Film | Colour | Comedy, Romance, War | 1h 24min |
| Stars: Donald Sinden, Barbara Murray, Carole Lesley | Director: Gilbert Gunn

In 1942, complications ensue when an ATS private suspects her husband of infidelity

The Army Had a Word For It!


Photograph of British actor, Donald Sinden (1)
Lt Gordon Brown
An autographed photograph featuring British actress, Barbara Murray.  Signature reads ‘To John, Barbara Murray’.
Pte Betty Brown
Carole Lesley
Pte Marge White
Photograph from Laughing Anne (1953) (19) featuring Ronald Shiner
Gunner Slocum
Naunton Wayne, well-known British actor who plays the role of Leslie, one of the club friends of of Henry Garnet (Basil Radford) in ‘The Facts of Life’, one of the four Somerset Maugham stories comprising ‘Quartet’, Sydney Box’s new production for Gainsborough Pictures
Major Pym
Publicity photo of British film actress, Dora Bryan
Pte Cox
John Cairney
Gunner Willie Ross
Fabia Drake
Junior Commander Maddox ATS
Joan Rice
Pte Finch
Daniel Massey
Bombardier Peter Palmer
Peter Jones
Gunner Perkins
Barbara Hicks
Sgt Merrifield
John Welsh
Judy Grinham
PT Instructress
Cyril Chamberlain
Orderly Sergeant
Ambrosine Phillpotts
Naomi Chance
Subaltern Godfrey ATS
Marianne Stone
Sgt Cook
Harry Landis
Gunner Wilkinson
Brian Weske
Gunner Pooley
George Mikell
German Airman
Dorinda Stevens
ATS Girl
Amanda Barrie
ATS Girl
Marigold Russell
ATS Girl
Julie Hopkins
ATS Girl
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Main title from Operation Bullshine (1959) (2)


Gilbert Gunn
Frank Godwin
Anne Burnaby
Writer (story and screenplay)
Rupert Lang
Writer (story and screenplay)


Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)
Production company