Main title from Peg of Old Drury (1935) (2)

Peg of Old Drury


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama, History, Romance | 1h 15min |
| Stars: Anna Neagle, Margaretta Scott, Maire O’Neill | Director: Herbert Wilcox

Biopic of eighteenth-century Irish actress Peg Woffington


Anna Neagle, British actress, in a publicity photo wears a pearl necklace and a black dress
Peg Woffington
Fanny by Gaslight (1944) publicity photograph of British actress Margaretta Scott (1)
Kitty Clive
Maire O’Neill
Mrs Woffington – Peg’s Mother
Dorothy Robinson
Mrs Margaret Dalloway
Polly Emery
Martha the Maid
Aubrey Fitzgerald
Arthur Sinclair
Mr Woffington – Peg’s Father
British actor Jack Hawkins wears a jacket and tie
Michael O’Taffe
Robert Atkins
Dr Samuel Johnson
Hay Petrie
Mr Rich
Cedric Hardwicke
David Garrick
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Main title from Peg of Old Drury (1935) (2)
Main title from Peg of Old Drury (1935) (1).  Anna Neagle and Sir Cedric Hardwicke in


Herbert Wilcox
Director / Producer
Photo of Dry Rot (1956) (1) featuring Miles Malleson
Writer (play) / Writer (scenario)
Charles Reade
Writer (play)


British & Dominions Film Corporation
Production company
Herbert Wilcox Productions
Production company
Equity British Films
Distribution company
United Artists Corporation
Distribution company