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Personal Affair

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance | 1h 22min |
Stars: Gene Tierney, Leo Genn, Glynis Johns | Director: Anthony Pelissier

A schoolmaster and his neurotic wife run into trouble when a girl pupil develops a crush on him

His Kiss Stifled Her Screams!

Cast (10)

Gene Tierney
Kay Barlow
Main title from Ten Little Indians (1965) (11) featuring Leo Genn
Leo Genn
Stephen Barlow
Glynis Johns, in the dual role of Caroline/Miranda Trewella, strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot from Mad About Men (1954)
Barbara Vining
Walter Fitzgerald
Henry Vining
Pamela Brown
Megs Jenkins
Vi Vining
Michael Hordern
Headmaster Griffith
Thora Hird
Mrs Usher
Norah Gorsen
Nanette Newman
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Anthony Pelissier


Antony Darnborough


Production company

Two Cities Films
Logo for the Two Cities Film production company.  This was the company’s second logo.

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Main title from Personal Affair (1953) (5)
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