Play for Today

TV Programme | | UK | B&W
Stars: Frederick Alexander, Jill Bennett, Eliza Buckingham

British television anthology drama series transmitted on BBC1

Partial Episode List (1)

Season 12 (1 episode)

Main Cast (5)

A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation. 1 episode
Dollie Van der Biek
British actress Wendy Hiller in a photograph from Carol Reed’s 1951 film, Outcast of the Islands 1 episode
Lady Carlion
Frederick Alexander
1 episode
Andrew Oliphant Junior
Jill Bennett
1 episode
Alice Carlion
Eliza Buckingham
1 episode
Margaret Harcourt
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Screenshot from the ‘Country’ (1981) episode of Play for Today (1970-84) (2)
Screenshot from the ‘Country’ (1981) episode of Play for Today (1970-84) (1)

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