The Real Glory


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| Film | USA | B&W | 1h 36min
| Stars: Gary Cooper, David Niven, Andrea Leeds | Director: Henry Hathaway

Soldiers of fortune help the American Army to quell a terrorist uprising in the Philippines just after the Spanish-American War


Gary Cooper
Dr Bill Canavan
American publicity photograph featuring British actor David Niven
Lt Terrence McCool
Andrea Leeds
Linda Hartley
Reginald Owen
Capt Steve Hartley
Broderick Crawford
Lt Larson
Kay Johnson
Mrs Manning
Russell Hicks
Capt George Manning
Vladimir Sokoloff
The Datu
Benny Inocencio
Charles Waldron
The Padre
Rudy Robles
Lt Yabo
Tetsu Komai
Roy Gordon
Col Hatch
Henry Kolker
The General
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Henry Hathaway
Jo Swerling
Writer (screenplay)
Robert Presnell Sr
Writer (screenplay)


The Samuel Goldwyn Company
Production company