Fringe Benefits

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| TV Programme | | USA | B&W | Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama | 1h
Stars: David Niven, Robert Coote, Gladys Cooper

Alec finds himself unexpectedly working for Scotland Yard when he is sent to collect a package during the Rio Carnival

The Rogues (1964–65)
Season 1, episode 10
A related trio of former successful conmen can, for the right price, be persuaded to use their skills to trick a very wealthy and heinously unscrupulous mark.

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American publicity photograph featuring British actor David Niven
Alec Fleming
Robert Coote
Timmy St Clair
Gladys Cooper
Margaret St Clair
Suzy Parker
Carol Conover
John Williams
Inspector Briscoe
Ken Scott
Michael Arno
Sarah Marshall
Laura Manning
James Doohan
Robert Phillips
Milo Vargas
Desiree Sumarra
Anna Marie
Lawrence Montaigne
Brian Walker
Simon Scott
Gus Becker
Buddy Lewis
Monty Clayver
Joseph V Perry
1st Waiter
Mustapha Pasha
Charles Boyer
Marcel St Clair
Gig Young
Tony Fleming
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Hy Averback


Collier Young


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Four Star Productions

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