Main title from Rommel, Desert Fox (1951)

Rommel, Desert Fox


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| Film | USA | B&W | 1h 28min
| Stars: James Mason, Cedric Hardwicke, Jessica Tandy | Director: Henry Hathaway

Rommel returns, disillusioned, to Hitler’s Germany after his North African defeat, and is involved in the July plot


British actor James Mason wears a black dinner jacket and bow tie
Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Rommel
Cedric Hardwicke
Dr Karl Strolin
Jessica Tandy
Frau Lucie Marie Rommel
Luther Adler
Adolf Hitler
Everett Sloane
Gen Wilhelm Burgdorf
Leo G Carroll
Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt
George Macready
Gen Fritz Bayerlein
Richard Boone
Capt Hermann Aldinger
Eduard Franz
Col Klaus von Stauffenberg
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Main title from Rommel, Desert Fox (1951)


Henry Hathaway
Desmond Young
Writer (biography)
Nunnally Johnson
Writer (screenplay)

Also known as

The Desert Fox (USA)


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Production company