Main title from The Ship That Died of Shame (1955)

The Ship That Died of Shame

Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 35min
Stars: Richard Attenborough, George Baker, Bill Owen | Director: Basil Dearden

The wartime crew of a motor gunboat buy the vessel and go into postwar business as smugglers

Cast (10)

British actor Richard Attenborough in a publicity shot
George Hoskins
George Baker
Bill Randall
Bill Owen
British actress, Virginia McKenna, wears a crucifix pendant
Helen Randall
British actor, Roland Culver
Maj Fordyce
Bernard Lee
The Customs Officer
Ralph Truman
Sir Richard
John Chandos
Harold Goodwin
Second Customs Officer
John Longden
The Detective
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Basil Dearden



Production company

Ealing Studios

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Main title from The Ship That Died of Shame (1955)
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