Shout at the Devil


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| Film | United Kingdom | Colour | Action | 2h 30min |
| Stars: Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Barbara Parkins | Director: Peter R Hunt

In 1913 Zanzibar, a hard-drinking American and an old Etonian Englishman join forces to rout a brutal German commissioner who resents their poaching ivory in his territory

Cast (15)

Lee Marvin
Colonel Flynn O’Flynn
The House on Dragon’s Rock (1966) screenshot (2) | Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Sebastian Oldsmith
Barbara Parkins
Rosa O’Flynn / Oldsmith
Ian Holm
Mohammed, O’Flynn’s Mute Servant
Reinhard Kolldehoff
Herman Fleischer, German Commissioner / Military Commander of Southern Province
Gernot Endemann
Karl Michael Vogler
Von Kleine
Horst Janson
Gerard Paquis
Captain da Silva - Portuguese Pilot
Maurice Denham
Mr Smythe
British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Mrs Smythe
Heather Wright
Cynthia Smythe
George Coulouris
El Keb
Renu Setna
Mr Raji
Murray Melvin
Lt Phipps
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Shout at the Devil DVD with Lee Marvin and Roger Moore
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Peter R Hunt
Stanley Price
Writer (screenplay)
Alastair Reid
Writer (screenplay)


Tonav Productions
Production company