Sir Francis Drake


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| TV Programme | United Kingdom | B&W | Adventure | 25min
| Stars: Terence Morgan, Jean Kent, Ewan Roberts
Tuesday at 9.30am on Talking Pictures TV (Episode: The Governor’s Revenge)

The adventures of Sir Francis Drake during the 1500s, commander of the sailing ship the Golden Hind and attendant at Queen Elizabeth’s court

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Terence Morgan
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Sir Francis Drake
British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
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Queen Elizabeth I
Ewan Roberts
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Morton, Earl of Lenox
Alfred Burke
1 episode
Sir Amyas Paulet
Grazina Frame
1 episode
Bess Pierpont
Howard Greene
1 episode
Harvey Hall
1 episode
Thomas Phillips
Reginald Jessup
1 episode
Noelle Middleton
1 episode
Mary Queen of Scots
Richard Warner
1 episode
Sally Douglas
1 episode
Lady in Waiting
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    E3Queen of Scots26 Nov 61
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    Anthony Bushell
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