Main title from The Small Back Room (1949) (6)

The Small Back Room


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama, Romance, Thriller, War | 1h 46min |
| Stars: David Farrar, Kathleen Byron, Jack Hawkins | Directors: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

A bomb expert with a lame foot and a drink problem risks his life dismantling a booby bomb and returns to his long-suffering girlfriend


British actor David Farrar in a publicity shot for Black Narcissus (1947)
Sammy Rice
British actor Jack Hawkins wears a jacket and tie
RB Waring
Photo of British actor, Leslie Banks (1)
Col AK Holland
The Small Back Room (1949) screenshot (1) |Michael Gough
Michael Gough
Capt Dick Stuart
Cyril Cusack
Cpl Taylor
Milton Rosmer
Prof Mair
Emrys Jones
Walter Fitzgerald
Renée Asherson
ATS Corporal
Henry Caine
Sgt Maj Rose
Sidney James
‘Knucksie’ Moran – Barkeeper
Photograph of British actor, Sam Kydd (1)
Crowhurst – Door Sentry
Michael Goodliffe
June Elvin
David Hutcheson
Photograph of British actor, Robert Morley (1)
The Minister
Roddy Hughes
Welsh Doctor
Photograph of English actor, Bryan Forbes (1)
Peterson – Dying Gunner
Roderick Lovell
Capt Pearson
James Dale
Elwyn Brook-Jones
Anthony Bushell
Col Strang
James Carney
Sgt Groves
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Rather gloomy suspense thriller with ineffective personal aspects, but well-made location sequences and a fascinating background of boffins at work in post-war London. (Halliwell’s)


Screenshot from The Small Back Room (1949) (1) featuring Michael Gough
Main title from The Small Back Room (1949) (6)


Michael Powell
Director / Producer / Writer
Emeric Pressburger
Director / Producer
Nigel Balchin
Writer (novel)

Also known as

Hour of Glory (USA)


London Film Productions
Production company
The Archers
Production company
British Lion Film Corporation
Distribution company