A Spot of Bother

Film | | B&W | 1h 10min
Stars: Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton, Sandra Storme

Parishioners engage in dubious money-making schemes in order to raise funds for the local cathedral

Cast (10)

Robertson Hare
Dear Mr. Binky Rudd
Alfred Drayton
Christopher Watney
Sandra Storme
Kathleen Joyce
Margaret Watney
Ruth Maitland
Mrs Watney
Gordon James
Robert Hale
Col Alfred Pigge
Fewlass Llewellyn
Bishop of Barchester
Drusilla Wills
Miss Hagworthy
Julian Vedey
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Pictures (1)

Alfred Drayton (as Christopher Watney) and Sandra Storme (as Sadie) in a photograph from A Spot of Bother (1938) (1)

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