Stormy Crossing


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Mystery | 1h 19min
| Stars: John Ireland, Derek Bond, Leslie Dwyer | Director: CM Pennington-Richards

Two swimmers attempt to swim the English Channel, but when one disappears the other insists that it was no accident


John Ireland
Griff Parker
Photograph of British actor, Derek Bond (1)
Paul Seymour
Leslie Dwyer
Bill Harris - Kitty’s Trainer
Maureen Connell
Shelley Baxter
Sheldon Lawrence
Danny Parker - Griff’s Brother
Joy Webster
Kitty Tyndall
John Horsley
Detective Inspector Parry
Cameron Hall
Grantly Memorial Doctor
Arthur Lowe
Garage Owner
John Schlesinger
Tim - garage mechanic
Anita Sharp-Bolster
First Nurse
Patricia Ellis
Pretty Young Nurse
Jack Taylor
Race Navigator
Reginald Hearne
Police Sgt Masters
Graham Stewart
Bob McEwan - Clarion Reporter
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CM Pennington-Richards
Lou Dyer
Writer (story ‘Black Tide’)
Sid Harris
Writer (story ‘Black Tide’)


Tempean Films
Production company