Main title from The Story of Shirley Yorke (1948)


British actor Derek Farr wears a jacket and tie.  Picture is autographed ’To David Good luck, Derek Farr’
Gerald Ryton
British actress, Dinah Sheridan, poses for a fashion shoot
Shirley Yorke
Fanny by Gaslight (1944) publicity photograph of British actress Margaretta Scott (1)
Alison Gwynne
John Robinson
Dr Bruce Napier
Barbara Couper
Muriel Peach
Beatrix Thomson
Lady Camber
Ian McLean
Dr Harris
Jack Raine
Stansfield Yorke
Lesley Osmond
Jennifer Ware
Valentine Dyall
Edward Holt
Eleanor Summerfield
Bruce Seton
Captain Sharp
Neville Brook
Professor Slufter
Vincent Holman
Olive Kirby
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Main title from The Story of Shirley Yorke (1948)