Theatre of Stars

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Stars: Jean Simmons, Bradford Dillman, Kevin Mccarthy

American entertainer Bob Hope hosts one of the last major anthology series on network TV

Partial Episode List (2)

Season 4 (2 episodes)

Main Cast (5)

Jean Simmons, British actress, wears a lacy top and a pearl necklace as she poses for a 1950s publicity photo 2 episodes
Bradford Dillman
2 episodes
Charles Aidman
1 episode
Jim Barton
Karen Jensen
1 episode
Kevin Mccarthy
1 episode
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Series Director

S Lee Pogostin
2 episodes
Sam Peckinpah
1 episode

Series Writer

Jack Laird
(story) 1 episode
Halsted Welles
(adaptation) 1 episode

Production companies

Hovue Enterprises