This Earth is Mine

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Stars: Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons, Dorothy McGuire

A French-American vineyard owner in California brings out his granddaughter from England in the hope that she will consolidate his dynasty

Cast (15)

Rock Hudson
John Rambeau
Jean Simmons, British actress, wears a lacy top and a pearl necklace as she poses for a 1950s publicity photo
Elizabeth Rambeau
Dorothy McGuire
Martha Fairon
Claude Rains
Philippe Rambeau
Kent Smith
Francis Fairon
Anna Lee
Charlotte Rambeau
Ken Scott
Luigi Griffanti
Augusta Merighi
Mrs Griffanti
Francis Bethencourt
Andre Swann
Stacy Graham
Peter Chong
Geraldine Wall
Alberto Morin
Penny Santon
Mrs Petucci
Jack Mather
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Production Information

This Earth Is Mine - 1959, Casey Robinson (Writer), Based on the novel The Cup and the Sword (Alice Tisdale Hobart), Henry King (Director)
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