Main title from Time Without Pity (1957) (3)

Time Without Pity


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Crime | 1h 25min
| Stars: Michael Redgrave, Ann Todd, Leo McKern | Director: Joseph Losey

An alcoholic arrives in London to seek new evidence that will prevent his son from being executed for murder


British actor Michael Redgrave in a moustachioed publicity photograph
David Graham
Publicity photograph featuring Ann Todd, English actress.  Todd is wearing an ornate embroidered shawl.
Honor Stanford
Leo McKern
Robert Stanford
Paul Daneman
Brian Stanford
Photograph of British actor, Peter Cushing (1)
Jeremy Clayton
Alec McCowen
Alec Graham
A Girl Must Live (1939) opening credits (4) | Renee Houston
Renee Houston
Mrs Harker
Lois Maxwell
Vickie Harker
Richard Wordsworth
Maxwell – the MP
George Devine
Barnes – the Editor
Photograph of English actress, Joan Plowright (1)
Agnes Cole
Ernest Clark
Under-Secretary – Home Office
Peter Copley
Prison Chaplain
Hugh Moxey
Prison Governor
Dickie Henderson
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Main title from Time Without Pity (1957) (3)


Joseph Losey
Ben Barzman
Writer (screenplay)


Harlequin Productions Ltd.
Production company