Main title from Trouble Brewing (1939)

Trouble Brewing

Film | | UK | B&W | 1h 27min
Stars: George Formby, Googie Withers, Gus McNaughton

A newspaper printer catches counterfeiters

Cast (11)

George Formby
George Gullip
Publicity photo of British actress Googie Withers
Mary Brown
Gus McNaughton
Bill Pike
Main title from The Vicar of Bray (1937) (10).  Garry Marsh as Sir Richard Melross
Garry Marsh
A.G. Brady
C Denier Warren
Major Hopkins
Beatrix Fielden-Kaye
Joss Ambler
Lord Redhill
Ronald Shiner
Martita Hunt
Mme Berdi
Esma Cannon
British actor, Basil Radford, as Captain Paul Waggett in Whisky Galore! (1949)
Guest at Madame Berdi’s
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Anthony Kimmins


Production company

Associated Talking Pictures (ATP)

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Main title from Trouble Brewing (1939)

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