The Understanding

(1982 play)

Three sisters discuss hiring a Girl Friday and are joined by the husband of one of them

Three elderly sisters, Lydia, Eva and Acton, live in a rambling London house with Eva’s husband, Leonard, to whom she has been married for forty years. Throughout that time he and Acton have nursed a discreet, platonic love for each other. The arrival of a young Girl Friday reminds Leonard of Acton at that age and it appears that Eva knew all about the affair. When Eva dies Leonard has the choice of either marrying Acton or losing her.

Dame Celia Johnson sadly died before the press night and was replaced for the run by Joan Greenwood.

Cast (5)

British stage and screen actor, Ralph Richardson
A new picture of the talented and lovely British actress Joan Greenwood under contract to the J. Arthur Rank Organisation.
Margaretta Scott
Sylvestra le Touzel
Georgine Anderson
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Production Information

Angela Huth (Writer), Roger Smith (Director)

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Programme from The Understanding (1982) at the Strand Theatre, London (2)
The Understanding (1982) programme | Strand Theatre, London (2)