Main title from Voyage of the Damned (1976) (9)

Voyage of the Damned


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| Film | Colour | Drama, War | 2h 35min |
| Stars: Faye Dunaway, Oskar Werner, Lee Grant | Director: Stuart Rosenberg

In 1939, a ship leaves Hamburg for Cuba with Jewish refugees, but Cuba won’t take them

In The Shadow of Death…


Faye Dunaway
Denise Kreisler
Oskar Werner
Professor Egon Kreisler
Lee Grant
Lili Rosen
Sam Wanamaker
Carl Rosen
Lynne Frederick
Anna Rosen
David de Keyser
Joseph Joseph
Della McDermott
Julia Strauss
Genevieve West
Sarah Strauss
Luther Adler
Professor Weiler
British actress Wendy Hiller in a photograph from Carol Reed’s 1951 film, Outcast of the Islands
Rebecca Weiler
Julie Harris
Alice Fienchild
Nehemiah Persoff
Mr Hauser
Maria Schell
Mrs Hauser
Paul Koslo
Aaron Pozner
Jonathan Pryce
Joseph Manasse
Brian Gilbert
Laurenz Schulman
Georgina Hale
Lotte Schulman
Adele Strong
Mrs Schulman
Milo Sperber
Max von Sydow
Capt Schroeder
Malcolm McDowell
Max Gunter
Helmut Griem
Otto Schiendick
Keith Barron
Purser Mueller
Anthony Higgins
Seaman Berg
Ian Cullen
Radio Officer
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High-minded, expensive, but poorly devised rehash of Ship of Fools, with too many stars in cameos and not enough central plot. (Halliwell’s)


Main title from Voyage of the Damned (1976) (9)


Stuart Rosenberg
Robert Fryer
Steve Shagan
Writer (screenplay)
David Butler
Writer (screenplay)


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