Main title from The Wrong Box (1966) (3)

The Wrong Box


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| Film | United Kingdom | Colour | Comedy, Crime | 1h 45min
| Stars: John Mills, Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine | Director: Bryan Forbes

Two elderly Victorian brothers are the last survivors of a tontine (an involved form of lottery) and try to murder each other


British actor John Mills wears a jacket and tie
Masterman Finsbury
British stage and screen actor, Ralph Richardson
Joseph Finsbury
Michael Caine
Michael Finsbury
Peter Cook
Morris Finsbury
Dudley Moore
John Finsbury
Nanette Newman
Julia Finsbury
Tony Hancock
Photograph of English actor, Peter Sellers (1)
Doctor Pratt
Cicely Courtneidge
Major Martha
Wilfrid Lawson
Peacock – the Butler
Photograph of British actor, Thorley Walters (1)
Lawyer Patience
Gerald Sim
1st Undertaker
Peter Graves
Military Officer
Publicity photo featuring British actress Irene Handl
Mrs Hackett
The Saint | The Best Laid Schemes (1967) screenshot (2)
Norman Bird
John Le Mesurier
Doctor Slattery
Hilton Edwards
Norman Rossington
1st Rough
Diane Clare
Tutte Lemkow
Josef Behrmann
Railway Vanman
Charlie Bird
Bonn’s Vanman
Marianne Stone
Michael Bird
Thomas Gallagher
2nd Rough
Timothy Bateson
Reg Lye
3rd Undertaker
John Junkin
1st Engine Driver
Roy Murray
Fred the Stoker
Tony Thawnton
2nd Undertaker
George Selway
Railway Vanman
Gwendolyn Watts
Vanda Godsell
Mrs Goodge
Donald Tandy
Ticket Collector
Lionel Gamlin
2nd Engine Driver
Martin Terry
George Spence
Workman in Road
Jeremy Lloyd
Brian Allen Harvey
James Villiers
Sydney Whitcombe Sykes
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Main title from The Wrong Box (1966) (3)


Photograph of English actor, Bryan Forbes (1)
Director / Producer
Robert Louis Stevenson
Writer (suggested by a novel by)
Lloyd Osbourne
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Salamander Film Productions
Production company
Columbia Pictures Corporation
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