Street of Shadows (1953) DVD

Studio Network Distributing Collection The British Film Date released Region Region 2 DVD Classification Parental Guidance Number of discs 1 disc Running time 1h 20m Film
Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film
Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film.

Cesar Romero gives a memorable performance as a Soho club owner who romances Kay Kendall’s unhappily married society girl in this taut Brit-noir thriller from the early 1950s. With impressive supporting performances from Egypt-born femme fatale Simone Silva and noted British character actor Victor Maddern, Street of Shadows is featured here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its original theatrical aspect ratio.

Luigi, the owner of a Soho pinball club, falls for Barbara, a beautiful socialite whose husband is a compulsive gambler. As their romance blossoms, Luigi finds his former girlfriend murdered with the evidence pointing in Barbara’s direction! Under suspicion and on the run, he must find someone to help him before his luck runs out for good…

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The British Film

The British Film collection was launched by Network Distributing in April 2013 as part of a five-year plan to release over 450 vintage British films through a deal with Studiocanal, one of Europe’s leading distribution and production companies. Many of the films have never been available to own and will benefit from new transfers, affirming Network Distributing’s commitment to classic British cinema.

Titles include significant works from studios including Associated Talking Pictures, Ealing Studios, London Films, British Lion, Associated British Picture Corporation and EMI from the Studiocanal archive.

Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film
Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film.

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