Street of Shadows

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| Film | | UK | Crime | 1h 24min
Stars: Cesar Romero, Kay Kendall, Edward Underdown

A Soho club-owner and his society girlfriend become mixed up in murder when the corpse of his mistress is discovered in his office

Cast (15)

Cesar Romero
British actress Kay Kendall poses for a 1950s glamour photo
Barbara Gale
Edward Underdown
Det Insp Johnstone
Victor Maddern
Danny ‘Limpy’ Thomas
Simone Silva
Angele Abbé
Liam Gaffney
Constable Fred Roberts
Bill Travers
Nigel Langley
Robert Cawdron
Det Sgt Hadley
John Penrose
Gerald Gale
Molly Hamley-Clifford
‘Starry’ Darrell
Eileen Way
Mrs Thoms
Paul Hardtmuth
J.M. Mayall
Tony Sympson
Rose McLaren
Michael Kelly
Merchant Seaman West
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Blu-ray and DVD

Street of Shadows DVD [2016]
Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film

9th May, 2016
Price: £8.21


Richard Vernon



Production companies

William Nassour Productions

Merton Park Studios

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Shadows DVD from Network and the British Film
Shadows DVD – Network – The British Film