The Case of the Frightened Lady

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| | UK | Crime | 1h 21min
Stars: Marius Goring, Penelope Dudley-Ward, Helen Haye

A dowager knows that her son is mad and tries to prevent him from strangling his cousin

Cast (10)

Marius Goring
Lord Lebanon
Penelope Dudley-Ward
Isla Crane
Helen Haye
Lady Lebanon
British actor Felix Aylmer wears a white dinner jacket and bow tie
Dr Amersham
George Merritt
Det Inspector Tanner
Ronald Shiner
Sergeant Totty
Patrick Barr
Richard Ferraby
Roy Emerton
George Hayes
John Warwick
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George King



Film Footage

Black and White

UK Release

28th September, 1940

Production Company

George King Productions