New BBC 3 radio drama about the making of the 1961 film, Victim

BBC Radio 3 to broadcast a new drama about the making of the 1961 film, Victim, starring Dirk Bogarde. Written by Sarah Wooley

Date posted Date posted Dirk BogardeFilm camera Victim (1961) Radio, Drama Documentary

From the BBC:

A drama about the making of ‘Victim’, the first British film to seriously address homosexuality. Part of Gay Britannia, a season across the BBC marking the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act 1967. The 1961 film, starring matinee idol Dirk Bogarde in the gamble of his career, is often credited with helping to change public attitudes to homosexuality. This fast-moving drama follows the extraordinary mixture of bravery and pragmatism involved in getting this groundbreaking enterprise off the ground, providing a fascinating glimpse of Britain at a tipping point of social change.