Signed photo of British actor, Dirk Bogarde.  The actor wears a jacket, jumper and tie, and sports a signet ring

Dirk Bogarde


British actor, writer (died aged 78) | The Blue Lamp (1950), Victim (1961), Accident (1967)

British leading actor of Dutch descent

Mini Biography

At the beginning of his career, Dirk Bogarde turned down an offer from Fox, who wanted to turn him into its new Spanish star and marry him off to one of its starlets, and instead signed a contract with Rank. In the 1960s, he moved to France and became a star of films by Visconti, Fassbinder, Cavani and other European directors. Bogarde was also a novelist and serial autobiographer.

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Esther Waters (1948)
William Latch
Quartet (1948)
George Bland
Once a Jolly Swagman (1949)
Bill Fox
Dear Mr Prohack (1949)
Charles Prohack
Boys in Brown (1949)
Alfie Rawlins
So Long at the Fair (1950)
George Hathaway
The Blue Lamp (1950)
Tom Riley
The Woman in Question (1950)
R W ‘Bob’ Baker
The Gentle Gunman (1952)
Matt Sullivan
Penny Princess (1952)
Tony Craig
Hunted (1952)
Chris Lloyd
Appointment in London (1953)
Tim Mason
The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1954)
Flight Sgt MacKay
For Better, for Worse (1954)
The Sleeping Tiger (1954)
Frank Clemmons
Doctor in the House (1954)
Simon Sparrow
They Who Dare (1954)
Lt David Graham
Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)
Edward Bare
Doctor at Sea (1955)
Dr Simon Sparrow
The Spanish Gardener (1956)
Campbell’s Kingdom (1957)
Bruce Campbell
Ill Met by Moonlight (1957)
Major Patrick Leigh Fermor DSO OBE also known to the Cretans and the German Secret Police as PHILEDEM
Doctor at Large (1957)
Dr Simon Sparrow
The Wind Cannot Read (1958)
Flight Lt Michael Quinn
A Tale of Two Cities (1958)
Sydney Carton
Victim (1961)
Melville Farr
The Singer Not the Song (1961)
Anacleto Comachi
HMS Defiant (1962)
Lieut. Scott-Padget
The Password Is Courage (1962)
Sergant-Major Charles Coward
The Servant (1963)
I Could Go on Singing (1963)
David Donne
The Mind Benders (1963)
Dr Henry Laidlaw Longman
Doctor in Distress (1963)
Dr Simon Sparrow
Hot Enough for June (1964)
Nicholas Whistler
King & Country (1964)
Capt Hargreaves
The High Bright Sun (1965)
Maj McGuire
Darling (1965)
Robert Gold
Modesty Blaise (1966)
Accident (1967)
Our Mother’s House (1967)
Charlie Hook
The Fixer (1968)
The Night Porter (1974)
A Bridge Too Far (1977)
Lt Gen Frederick Browning
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