Doctor in the House


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| Film | Colour | Comedy | 1h 32min |
| Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Muriel Pavlow, Kenneth More | Director: Ralph Thomas

Amorous and other misadventures of medical students at St Swithin’s Hospital

DEDICATION: To the female of the species, without whose sensational anatomy this film could have never have been made

Cast (24)

Signed photo of British actor, Dirk Bogarde.  The actor wears a jacket, jumper and tie, and sports a signet ring
Simon Sparrow
A publicity shot for British actress, Muriel Pavlow.  Signed ‘Best wishes, Muriel Pavlow’
Joy Gibson
British actor Kenneth More wears an open-necked checked shirt and watch in a casual publicity photo
Richard Grimsdyke
Donald Sinden
Tony Benskin
British actress Kay Kendall poses for a 1950s glamour photo
Isobel Minster
James Robertson Justice
Sir Lancelot Spratt
British actor Donald Houston wears a jacket and tie
Taffy Evans
Suzanne Cloutier
George Coulouris
Jean Taylor Smith
Sister Virtue
Nicholas Phipps
Geoffrey Keen
Martin Boddey
Demonstrator at pedal machine
Joan Sims
Rigor Mortis
Gudrun Ure
Harry Locke
Cyril Chamberlain
Ernest Clark
Dr Parrish
Maureen Pryor
Mrs Cooper
George Benson
Lecturer on drains
Ten Little Indians (1965) opening credits (9) | Shirley Eaton
Shirley Eaton
Millicent ‘Milly’ Groaker
Eliot Makeham
Elderly Examiner
Signed photograph of English actress, Joan Hickson. Picture reads ‘All good wishes, Joan Hickson’
Mrs Groaker
Brian Oulton
Medical equipment salesman
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A comedy with much to answer for: several sequels and an apparently endless TV series. The original is not bad, as the students, though plainly over age, constitute a formidable mass of British talent at its peak. (Halliwell’s)


Ralph Thomas
Betty E Box
Richard Gordon


Group Film Productions Limited
Production company
General Film Distributors (GFD)
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