Main title from Dear Mr Prohack (1949) (4)

Dear Mr Prohack


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| Film | B&W | Comedy, Romance | 1h 31min |
| Stars: Cecil Parker, Glynis Johns, Hermione Baddeley | Director: Thornton Freeland

A treasury official copes admirably with public money but is helpless when he comes into a private fortune

Swept off his feet by a fortune


British actor Cecil Parker wears a suit, tie and pocket square
Arthur Prohack
Glynis Johns, in the dual role of Caroline/Miranda Trewella, strikes a sexy pose in a publicity shot from Mad About Men (1954)
Mimi Warburton
Brighton Rock (1948) opening credits (3)
Hermione Baddeley
Eve Prohack
Signed photo of British actor, Dirk Bogarde.  The actor wears a jacket, jumper and tie, and sports a signet ring
Charles Prohack
Sheila Sim, whose steady rise to success in such films as A Canterbury Tale, The Guinea Pig and Dear Mr Prohack has established her as an accomplished actress who epitomises youthful English charm, has an important romantic role in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman.  She plays Janet, the archaeologist narrator’s niece, who suffers unhappiness through her love for Pandora’s fiancé, a famous racing motorist, portrayed by Nigel Patrick
Mary Prohack
Heather Thatcher
Lady Maslam
Frances Waring
Charles Goldner
Polish Man Servant
Campbell Cotts
Sir Paul Spinner
Photograph from The Holly and the Ivy (1952) featuring Denholm Elliott (as Michael Gregory) (1)
Oswald Morfrey
Russell Waters
Henry Edwards
Sir Digby Bunce
Frederick Valk
Dr Viega
James Hayter
Carrell Quire
Jon Pertwee
Ada Reeve
Mrs Griggs
Judith Furse
Laura Postern
Frederick Leister
The Director General
Elwyn Brook-Jones
Benny Erivangian
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Main title from Dear Mr Prohack (1949) (4)
Main title from Dear Mr Prohack (1949) (3). Cecil Parker, Glynis Johns, Hermione Baddeley, Dirk Bogarde, Sheila Sim
Main title from Dear Mr Prohack (1949) (2). A Wessex Film Production


Thornton Freeland
Ian Dalrymple
Donald Bull
Arnold Bennett
Writer (novel)


Dear Mr Prohack (1949) opening credits (2)
Wessex Film Productions
Production company