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Margaret Lockwood: from Wicked Lady to Lady Barrister. Rediscover the work of one of Britain’s most popular film stars, Margaret Lockwood, with Talking Pictures TV podcast host and writer, Mel Byron

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In her 1940s heyday, Margaret Lockwood was the biggest film star in Britain. Her career had begun with a small part in Lorna Doone (1934), and by 1938, she was taking on star roles for the country’s top directors, including Alfred Hitchcock and Carol Reed. It was the latter’s Bank Holiday (1938) that really put her on the map, although her turn as the heroine of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes (1938) is better remembered.

The 1940s was Lockwood’s glittering decade. She reached superstardom playing the villainess in two of Gainsborough Studios’ highly successful string of melodramas. The Man in Grey (1943) and The Wicked Lady (1945) saw her more than match the villainy of James Mason – sneer-for-sneer. Audiences loved her. By the decade’s end, though, her film career was in decline. The stage and the fledgling medium of television beckoned, and she found success in both.

Join Mel Byron as she looks back with fondness at the work of an actress all but forgotten now, but whose contribution to the Golden Age of British Cinema was immense.

Wednesday, 29th March 2023, 6.30-7.30pm
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