Lorna Doone

Film | | B&W
Stars: Victoria Hopper, John Loder, Margaret Lockwood

In 1625 on Exmoor, a farmer comes to love an outlaw’s daughter who proves in reality to be a kidnapped heiress

During the reign of King James II, the Doones live on Exmoor as outlaws.

In a nearby village, young Jan Ridd’s father is murdered by one of the Doones.

Some years later, Jan’s illicit friendship with Lorna Doone is rekindled. Despite the risk of being discovered, a romance blossoms.

Cast (17)

Victoria Hopper
Lorna Doone
John Loder
John Ridd
Margaret Lockwood promotional headshot for Jassy, c. 1947, autographed ‘Sincerely’ by the actress
Annie Ridd
Roy Emerton
Carver Doone
Mary Clare
Mistress Sara Ridd
Frank Cellier
Capt Jeremy Stickles
Herbert Lomas
Sir Ensor Doone
Roger Livesey
Tom Faggus
D A Clarke-Smith
Counsellor Doone
George Curzon
King James II
Wyndham Goldie
Chief Judge Jeffries
Lawrence Hanray
Parson Bowden
Eliot Makeham
John Fry
Edward Rigby
Reuben ‘Uncle Ben’ Huckaback
Amy Veness
Betty Muxworthy
Alexis France
Young Lorna Doone
Peter Penrose
Young John Ridd
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Production Information

GB (ATP), 1934, 90 minutes, B&W, Dorothy Farnum, Miles Malleson, Gordon Wellesley (Writers), R.D. Blackmore (Novel), Basil Dean (Director)

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Your English classes, your whole school must see this motion picture version of Lorna Doone with Victoria Hopper, John Loder, and Margaret Lockwood.  Ink blotter from September 1940
Main title from Lorna Doone (1934)
Margaret Lockwood (as Annie Ridd) in a screenshot from Lorna Doone (1934) (1)
Poster for Lorna Doone (1934) (3)
Photograph from Lorna Doone (1934) (3)
Poster for Lorna Doone (1934) (2)
Photograph from Lorna Doone (1934) (2)
Photograph from Lorna Doone (1934) (1)
Poster for Lorna Doone (1934) (1)

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