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Alec Guinness

1914–2000 | British actor, writer

Distinguished British stage actor, who in the late 1940s started a spectacular film career first as a master of disguise, then as a young hero and later as any character from Hitler to Obi Wan Kenobi

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Alec Guinness received an honorary Oscar in 1979 ‘for advancing the art of screen acting’.

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Herbert Pocket
Oliver Twist (1948)
The Admiral (Alec Guinness) in the 1949 film, Kind Hearts and Coronets
The Duke/ The Banker/ The Parson/ The General/ The Admiral/ Young Ascoyne D’Ascoyne/Young Henry/ Lady Agatha D’Ascoyne
Last Holiday (1950)
George Bird
Photograph from The Man in the White Suit (1951) (9) featuring Alec Guinness as Sidney Stratton
Sidney Stratton
The Card (1952)
Edward Henry ‘Denry’ Machin
Malta Story (1953)
Flight Lt Peter Ross
Capt Henry St. James
Father Brown (1954)
Father Brown
Col Sir Edgar Fraser
Professor Marcus
Colonel Nicholson
Capt William Horatio Ambrose
Gulley Jimson
Jim Wormold
Major Jock Sinclair, DSO MM
Prince Feisal
HMS Defiant (1962)
Captain Crawford
Marcus Aurelius
Cromwell (1970)
King Charles ‘Stuart’ I
Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi
John Bigalow
William Dorrit
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