Main title from Malta Story (1953)

Malta Story


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama, History, War | 1h 43min |
| Stars: Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Anthony Steel | Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
7th June at 12.05am on Talking Pictures TV

An English flyer is involved in the defence of Malta during World War II


Promotional shot of distinguished British actor, Alec Guinness
Flight Lt Peter Ross
British actor Jack Hawkins wears a jacket and tie
Air CO Frank
Handsome British film star Anthony Steel, as he appears in the role of Mark Loring, in the new Raymond Stross production, A Question of Adultery (1958), and in which he co-stars with Julie London.  The film was directed by Don Chaffey and will be released by Eros Films Ltd.
Wing Cmdr Bartlett
A publicity shot for British actress, Muriel Pavlow.  Signed ‘Best wishes, Muriel Pavlow’
Maria Gonzar
Renée Asherson
Joan Rivers
Hugh Burden
Eden, Security
Ted Edwards (Nigel Stock) in a scene from It Always Rains on Sunday (1947)
Giuseppe Gonzar aka Ricardi
Reginald Tate
Vice Adm Payne
Ralph Truman
Vice Adm Willie Banks
British actress Flora Robson
Melita Gonzar, Maria’s Mum
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Photograph of British actress, Muriel Pavlow

Muriel Pavlow, British actress, dies

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Muriel Pavlow, the British actress and wife of Derek Farr, who starred in Reach for the Sky, Malta Story and Doctor at Large dies aged 97.


Alec Guinness (as Flight Lt Peter Ross) and Muriel Pavlow (as Maria Gonzar) in a photograph from the 1953 film, Malta Story (1)
Main title from Malta Story (1953)


Brian Desmond Hurst
Thorold Dickinson
Writer (idea)
Peter De Sarigny
Producer / Writer (idea)


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J. Arthur Rank Organisation
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General Film Distributors (GFD)
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