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John Gielgud

1904–2000 | British actor

Distinguished British stage actor and director, for whom cinema was a secondary matter

Mini Biography

On stage from the early 1920s, John Gielgud made his reputation playing Shakespeare at the Old Vic in the 30s, establishing himself as a pre-eminent speaker of verse, particularly in the roles of Romeo and Hamlet and, later, Prospero.

In the 1970s he formed a notable partnership with Ralph Richardson in modern plays by Pinter and David Storey, but his greatness has been captured rarely on film.

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Richard III (1955)
George, Duke of Clarence
Foster – Fogg's Ex-Valet
Lord Raglan
Julius Caesar
Lost Horizon (1973)
and Chang
Gold (1974)
Aces High (1976)
Brigadier Tomlinson
Master of Trinity
Gandhi (1982)
Lord Irwin
Pope Pius XII
Plenty (1985)
Sir Leonard Darwin
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