Main title from The Scarlet and the Black (1983) (5)

The Scarlet and the Black


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| Film | USA | Colour | 2h 23min |
| Stars: Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer, John Gielgud | Director: Jerry London

Fact-based Second World War drama about a cleric who rescued thousands of PoWs and Italian resistance fighters from the Gestapo


Gregory Peck
Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty
Christopher Plummer
Col Herbert Kappler
British actor, John Gielgud, a GB star
Pope Pius XII
Raf Vallone
Father Vittorio
Kenneth Colley
Capt Hirsch
Walter Gotell
Gen Max Helm
Barbara Bouchet
Minna Kappler
Julian Holloway
Alfred West
Angelo Infanti
Father Morosini
Olga Karlatos
Francesca Lombardo
Michael Byrne
Reinhard Beck
T P McKenna
Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler
Vernon Dobtcheff
Count Langenthal
John Terry
Lt Jack Manning
Peter Burton
Sir D’Arcy Osborne
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Main title from The Scarlet and the Black (1983) (5)


Jerry London
David Butler
J P Gallagher
Writer (book)


Bill McCutchen Productions
Production company
Production company
RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Production company