Welsh actress Peggy Cummins wears a white blouse in a publicity shot

Peggy Cummins

1925–2017 | British actress

Blonde Welsh leading actress, a former teenage star

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Born in Prestatyn, Peggy Cummins began on stage in Dublin in 1936 and then in films from 1939. She went to Hollywood in the mid-40s before resuming her career in Britain in the 1950s, retiring in the early 60s.

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Dr O’Dowd (1940)
Pat O’Dowd
Sarah Willoughby
Bobbie Heseltine
Escape (1948)
Dora Winton
Annie Laurie Starr (Peggy Cummins) brandishes a pair of pistols in a scene from the 1950 film, Gun Crazy
Gun Crazy (1950)
Annie Laurie Starr
Georgette Constantin
Christine Deed
Bridget Foster
Dorothy Rapallo
Hell Drivers (1957)
Susan Lashwood
Joanna Harrington
Mrs Judd
Peggy Travers
Gay Butterworth
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