Carry on Admiral


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| Film | United Kingdom | B&W | 1h 23min
| Stars: David Tomlinson, Peggy Cummins, Brian Reece | Director: Val Guest

In a drunken moment, an MP changes clothes with a naval officer and is forced to adopt his friend’s identity aboard ship


David Tomlinson
Tom Baker
Welsh actress Peggy Cummins wears a white blouse in a publicity shot
Susan Lashwood
Brian Reece
Peter Fraser
Eunice Gayson
Jane Godfrey
A E Matthews
Admiral Sir Maximillian Godfrey K.CB
Joan Sims
Lionel Murton
Reginald Beckwith
Desmond Walter-Ellis
Willy Oughton-Formby
Photograph from Laughing Anne (1953) (19) featuring Ronald Shiner
Salty Simpson
Peter Coke
Lt Lashwood
Derek Blomfield
Lt Dobson
Tom Gill
Petty Officer
Howard Williams
Sub Lieutenant
Signed photograph of English actress, Joan Hickson. Picture reads ‘All good wishes, Joan Hickson’
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Val Guest
Director / Writer (screenplay)
Ian Hay
Writer (based on the stage play "Off the Record")


George Minter Productions
Production company