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All for Mary

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| Film | | UK | Colour | Comedy | 1h 19min |
Stars: Nigel Patrick, Kathleen Harrison, David Tomlinson

Two rivals for the hand of a pretty daughter of a Swiss hotelier are struck down by chicken pox and cared for by the old nanny of one of them

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Simple-minded farce in which two grown men quail like children before a forceful old lady; on the strength of the latter characterisation and a few funny lines the original play was a considerable West End success. (Halliwell’s)

Cast (16)

British actor Nigel Patrick, dressed in jacket and tie, smokes a cigarette
Capt Clive Norton
British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse
Nannie Cartwright
David Tomlinson
Humphrey ‘Humpy’ Miller
Jill Day
David Hurst
M Victor
Leo McKern
Gaston Nikopopoulos
Nicholas Phipps
Gen McLintock-White
Joan Young
Mrs Hackenfleuger
Lionel Jeffries
Maitre D', Hotel
Paul Hardtmuth
Fabia Drake
Opulent Lady
Tommy Farr
Charles Lloyd Pack
Robin Brown
American Boy
Dorothy Gordon
WRAC Orderly
Neil Hallett
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Wendy Toye


Paul Soskin



Production companies

The Rank Organisation

Paul Soskin Productions

Group Film Productions Limited

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Main title from All for Mary (1955) (3)
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Main title from All for Mary (1955) (3).