British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse

Kathleen Harrison

British actress (1892–1995) | Oliver Twist (1948), In Which We Serve (1942), Major Barbara (1941)

British character actress, usually seen as a cockney but born in Lancashire

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On stage from 1926; films made Kathleen Harrison an amiable, slightly dithery but warm-hearted national figure.

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The Man from Toronto (1933)
Jury’s Evidence (1935)
Broken Blossoms (1936)
Mrs Lossy
Bank Holiday (1938)
Convict 99 (1938)
A Girl Must Live (1939)
The Outsider (1939)
Mrs Coates
The Girl in the News (1940)
The Flying Squad (1940)
Mrs Schiffan
Salvage with a Smile (1940)
I Thank You (1941)
Major Barbara (1941)
Mrs Price
The Ghost Train (1941)
Miss Bourne
In Which We Serve (1942)
Mrs Blake
Much Too Shy (1942)
Amelia Peabody
Dear Octopus (1943)
Mrs Glossop
Meet Sexton Blake (1945)
Mrs Bardell
Great Day (1945)
Pub Customer
A Voice in the Night (1946)
Holiday Camp (1947)
Mrs Ethel Huggett
The Shop at Sly Corner (1947)
Mrs Catt
Bond Street (1948)
Ethel Brawn
Oliver Twist (1948)
Mrs Sowerberry
The Winslow Boy (1948)
Here Come the Huggetts (1948)
Ethel Huggett
Landfall (1949)
Mona’s Mother
The Huggetts Abroad (1949)
Ethel Huggett
Vote for Huggett (1949)
Ethel Huggett
Double Confession (1950)
Trio (1950)
Emma Brown Foreman
Waterfront (1950)
Mrs McCabe
Scrooge (1951)
Mrs Dilber
The Happy Family (1952)
Lillian Lord
The Pickwick Papers (1952)
Rachel Wardle
Turn the Key Softly (1953)
Granny Quilliam
Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)
Where There’s a Will (1955)
Annie Yeo
All for Mary (1955)
Nannie Cartwright
Home and Away (1956)
Elsie Knowles
The Big Money (1956)
Mrs Frith
It’s a Wonderful World (1956)
Miss Gilly
Seven Thunders (1957)
Mme Abou
A Cry from the Streets (1958)
Mrs Farrer
Alive and Kicking (1958)
The Fast Lady (1962)
Mrs Staggers
West 11 (1963)
Mrs Beckett
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