Bond Street

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| Film | | United Kingdom | B&W | Drama | 1h 49min |
Stars: Jean Kent, Roland Young, Kathleen Harrison | Director: Gordon Parry

Four stories, each concerning an item of expensive wedding trousseau

Cast (15)

British actress Jean Kent in a publicity shot for Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)
Ricki Merritt
Roland Young
George Chester-Barrett
British actress Kathleen Harrison wears a striped blouse
Ethel Brawn
British actor Derek Farr wears a jacket and tie.  Picture is autographed ’To David Good luck, Derek Farr’
Joe Marsh
Lovely Hazel Court, British actress, who starred starred recently as Joan Huggett in Holiday Camp (1947) and as Helena Forsythe in My Sister and I (1948).  Picture reads ’Good Luck, Hazel Court’.
Julia Chester-Barrett
Ronald Howard
Steve Winter
Paula Valenska
Patricia Plunkett
Mary Phillips
Robert Flemyng
Frank Moody
Adrianne Allen
Mrs Taverner
Kenneth Griffith
Len Phillips
Joan Dowling
Charles Goldner
James McKechnie
Inspector Yarrow
Leslie Dwyer
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Gordon Parry


Production companies

De Grunwald Productions
Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC)

Pictures (10)

Bond Street DVD from Network and The British Film
Screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (6)
Derek Farr (as Joe Marsh) and Jean Kent (as Ricki Merritt) in a screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (5)
Screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (4)
Screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (3)
Screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (2)
Screenshot from Bond Street (1948) (1)
Main title from Bond Street (1948)
Poster for Bond Street (1948) (1)
Kathleen Harrison (as Ethel Brawn) in a photograph from Bond Street (1948) (1)
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